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who we are

SR Equity, Inc. ​

At SR Equity we believe in focusing on value. Our goal is to accomplish this by capturing the right opportunities while always preserving the equity that has been built. We are not just about the transaction, because not all real estate is equal. What really matters are the needs of our clients. We accomplish our clients’ wants and goals through the commercial sectors that facilitate them.

We believe the current economic and market conditions open up opportunities by providing the ability for the creation of additional value. We’re always mindful of the tendency of over-saturation of any given sector, and major macro-economic issues that continually affect the market. With our experience and expertise, we always strive to be of value for our clients through each transaction.

Our mission is to be clear in our views and diligent in our representation. Our clients’ interests are always at the fore front. For this reason, we use every resource and effort to accomplish each closing that gets our clients closer to their overall goal.

In this, it is our hope to distinguish ourselves through the higher standards we set for the real estate of your future.

Our company is led by seasoned professionals that are passionate about what they do with over 25 years of experience in multiple real estate sectors. We are focused on the most desirable commercial sectors for the market. This includes but is not limited to Net-Leased Property, Retail, Apartments and Development Projects.

The market is always in continuous flux and the needs of our clients waver with time. It is our job to be a valuable asset through these changing tides. Our active involvement in commercial real estate allows us to provide advantages to our clients. For our buyers we have a large network of local and nationwide properties. For our sellers we have a source of active buyers that are continuously looking for property to acquire. This allows us to provide the best service and available opportunities to our clients.